A Review Of The Oris Carlos Coste Chronograph LE Watch

Published: 31st October 2007
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Oris really have excelled themselves this time with the introduction of the Oris Carlos Coste Chronograph LE Watch. Produced in partnership with free-diving world record holder Carlos Coste, the production of the watch has been limited to only 2,000 worldwide. I simply love this diver's watch from Oris and would love to get my hands on one.

The first thing I couldn't fail to notice was that it is a 'lefty' timepiece; the screw-down crown and pushers are located on left side of the case! After taking this in, the next thing you couldn't fail to notice is just how big it is; the size of the case is 27 mm (1.85 inches) - it's a huge chunk of metal.

The case is made of titanium, which makes it look cool and helps to keep the weight of the Carlos Coste Chronograph down. The bezel is unidirectional. The bezel looks like the bezel you get on some of the Breitling divers watches - it's kind of thinner than normal, which means that the face of the watch is larger.

The casing is perfectly complemented by the titanium bracelet. I think its nice, simple and chunky design really offsets the watches case and dial. As you'd expect with a serious diver's watch you get an extension that can be used for when you're wearing wetsuits.

This Oris watch comes with a 4.80mm sapphire crystal top glass, which is slightly domed on the outside with an anti-reflective coating on the inside. Combined with Helium valve, the watch has a diving depth of 1000 meters.

The movement - like many Oris watches - is automatic.

Like I said, this watch from Oris is strictly limited in numbers. The case back is imprinted with the logo and signature of Carlos Coste.

But it's the dial of the Oris Carlos Coste Chronograph LE Watch that really impresses. The dial is painted black with a subtle wave pattern print. The hands are chunky and they are coated in striking Superluminova dark orange. The indices and rim of the stop watch seconds dial - at the six o'clock position - are also of Superluminova dark orange.

The dial is busy but the watch gets away with it - I think because of the massive 27 mm dial. You get a display of hours and minutes at the center, a small second at the three o'clock position with day and date display at the nine o'clock position.

The titanium combined with black dial with touches of dark orange make this Oris watch visually stunning. There's no doubt that this watch is really going to be a winner for Oris.

Do I have any reservations? Not really. Some might say that the watch is a little too big for everyday wear. But, I like wearing large watches and regularly wear my Suunto Stinger watch and my Breitling Navitimer.

If there was one tiny flaw with the Oris Carlos Coste watch it could be that the rotor is red - the trademark color of Oris. It would be so cool - and would make the watch truly special - if the rotor was in orange to match the hands and indices.

This watch from Oris is really a beautiful timepiece and would definitely be a watch I'd love to have in my collection.

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