Gaylord Tonneau Cover Reviews

Published: 05th September 2008
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If you're serious about buying the best fiberglass tonneau cover then you'll have heard of Gaylord truck bed covers. They may be good but with their big price tag are they really worth it? Here's a review of what's on offer and what you'll be getting for your hard-earned dollars.

The company offers several models that are designed to provide different functionality; from sporty good looks through to functional, work solutions. So, no matter what you have in mind, the company will have a truck tonneau cover to suit. The following is a quick overview of the various models.

Gaylord TL-Series Tonneau

This is perhaps the most popular model. It can be self-installed and requires no special tools or drilling. The lid is hinged at the cab and is fitted with two hydraulic struts on the side that makes opening and closing it extremely easy - the system actually assists in the opening of the cover. And, when open, the struts will keep the cover in the open position. Double neoprene seals keep your truck bed water-tight and the whole lid is securely locked with just one lock (an optional extra is a remote lock control). Other optional extras include interior carpet and aerodynamic wing fitted over the tailgate.

Gaylord X-2000 Tonneau

The BASF automotive paint finish is among the best in the industry. If you want a cover that'll perfectly match the color of your truck, you won't find better. A further style embellishment is a wrap around rail design that will complement the contours of your truck.

Gaylord Speedsturr Tonneau

The tail wing of this model gives a truck a distinctive sporty look. The Speedsturr is an available option of other models such as the X2000, Tool Box lid and Traditional.

Gaylord Butterfly Tonneau

Definitely designed for the truck that works for a living. Two doors are hinged along the center of the truck bed allowing access from either side. The top of each side cover is fitted with a pop-up handle so when closed the handles lie flush. Of course, when you use a truck for work there are times when you need to completely remove the cover. This is made easy due a patented clamp-on, cross bar mounting system.

Gaylord El Caminos and Classics Tonneau

If you have a classic truck this is the model to go for. These beautiful, custom-made covers add, rather than detract, from the truck's curves and graceful lines.

So far, you heard nothing but the good points of these Gaylord fiberglass tonneaus, but are there any problems with them. Well, being made of fiberglass means that the cover is heavy. Unless you're experienced at fitting them, installation is definitely a two-man job.

Weight is also a consideration if you'll be removing the cover often. Although removing and re-installing the cover is straightforward, their weight makes it problematic; again you're going to need a helping hand.

Storage also needs to be thought about. You're going to need a large area against a wall in your garage to store the cover when not in use.

These points aside, buying a Gaylord tonneau cover is a sound investment. Without doubt, they're among the best fiberglass tonneau cover you can buy and just look superb when fitted on any truck.

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