Guaranteed Unsecured Personal Loans - Are The Lenders Legit?

Published: 04th November 2008
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You probably have heard of guaranteed personal loans and the many lenders who claim to give everyone a loan even if the applicant has bad credit and you may be asking yourself how a legitimate lender can claim to approve all applications. The good news is that many lenders are legit (and are some of the nation's largest finance companies) however you need also to be aware of the scam artists.

Firstly, no lender will approve every single application. But, it may surprise you to know that many reputable lenders will approve above 98% of applications even those applicants with poor credit. The reason is because lenders of this type of loan, usually called a bad credit personal loan or payday loan, does not run a credit check. The lender is concerned that the applicant has the required minimum attributes.

So, what are these minimum requirements? In simple terms the lender wants to be able to be sure that the borrower is who they claim to be and that they live where they claim to live and that they receive a monthly income that can be proved.

Therefore, if you're over eighteen, have been living at your address for a certain period of time, have a cleaning checking account, have a regular monthly income of over $1,000 and are not undergoing any bankruptcy proceedings then you will get approval.

Of course both legit lenders and scammer will approve you, so how can you be sure that the lender is one of the good guys?

This isn't that difficult. Before applying for the loan you can check out the many consumer organization who release reports on just about every lender; if the lender isn't known to them then you should stay well clear. You can also check out the lender with the Better Business Bureau. You could even talk to your own bank who may be able to refer you to a reputable lender.

Another good way of making sure the lender is legit is finding out about what other services they offer. What I mean by this is what type of financial advice and services do they offer when you take a loan out with them.

A reputable lender may offer things such as a free credit report when you take out the loan; getting this report not only makes interesting reading but you may even be able to find out why your credit score is lower than you perhaps thought it would be.

Also, some lenders will offer a debt consolidation service - make sure it's free. This can be really useful in helping you get your finances back in shape. Credit repair service may also be offered - again, if they are offered and are free - this indicates a company who is going to rip you off.

Finally, and most importantly, check whether the lender has a business address (not just a post office box) and that it offers a 24/7 phone number or helpline.

Remember; lenders, who offer guaranteed unsecured personal loans should operate no differently to other lenders (or any other business for that matter) so, ask yourself what things would inspire confidence in you with these other types of business. If the lender fulfills the requirements you have in other businesses, then they are probably legit.

If you seek further information or wish to enquire about guaranteed unsecured personal loans, then these links will help you find the best guaranteed personal loan for you and also help you avoid being scammed.

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