Ironman Exercise Bike Reviews

Published: 03rd December 2008
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You may have spent some time considering the purchase of an Ironman exercise bike but may still be debating which model from this manufacturer will make the most sense for you. The fact is that selecting the most appropriate recumbent exercise bike for your own fitness needs and objectives can be a bit of a challenging task. To help you in your choice, what follows are reviews of the three most widely sold and utilized recumbent bikes on the market from Ironman.

The Ironman 350r recumbent bike is an ideal choice for a person who is starting on a new exercise program. This model from Ironman provides an individual interested in improving his or her health and fitness with the basic equipment necessary to jump start a meaningful and effective exercise program. Moreover, the 350r model is one of the most affordably priced pieces of fitness equipment on the market today.

On the other hand, the Ironman 430r recumbent bike is ideal for a person who has spent a bit more time developing his or her own fitness regime. The 430r is designed for an individual who has at least some experience in using recumbent bikes as part of a fitness routine. Rather like the 350r model discussed a moment ago, the 430r is one of the more reasonably priced pieces of fitness equipment being marketed today.

In many different ways the Ironman Charger recumbent bike represents what some might honestly call a new era in fitness equipment. Well designed and made from materials that truly can take a pounding, the Charger is ideal for an individual that wants a piece of fitness equipment that will grow and well into the future, serving his or her fitness needs not only today but on down the road as well.

The fact is there are no great drawbacks to purchasing and using one or another of the Ironman recumbent bikes or related fitness products. Of course, the only real snag associated with these bikes is that this type of equipment really is designed for aerobic exercise. While there are some strength training benefits associated with this type of equipment, you do need to make sure that you include some other exercises in your routine to accomplish any full body fitness goals that you might have. Nonetheless, a recumbent bike is a perfect foundation for any twenty-first century fitness program.

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