It's Trendy, But Is The Corioliss Flat Iron Any Good?

Published: 26th June 2008
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Corioliss are getting a reputation for making flat irons that are 'must have' fashion accessories, so good do they look. But getting beautiful, shiny hair using a hair straightener isn't about how it looks; it's about how it performs. So how does a Corioliss flat iron 'shape up'?

The basic Corioliss model is its 1" ceramic model. It's now been out a while and remains a popular item. Its good points are that it heats up in less than 6 seconds - most models on the market take around 25. It also has variable temperature control and it has solid ceramic plates. It weighs 0.72 lbs which makes it light and easy to use.

Its bad points are that it is a little pricey; retailing for around $85 - you can buy a comparable CHI flat iron for ten dollars less. I've also heard a lot of complaints about the cord coming loose where it attaches to the appliance.

Despite these criticisms, the 1" ceramic is still a good buy and is worth considering.

I'm not sure the same can be said about the Corioliss Pro Silver 1" flat iron. It also features 1" plates, heats up in 6 seconds and has variable temperature control between 140F to 430F. The 100% ceramic plates have been coated with tourmaline crystals that emit 6 times more negative ions that ceramic alone. The company claims it has high power ionic performance that helps lock in moisture and damages hair less.

It's a good styling tool but the price tag of $165 is way too high. The CHI Nano Ceramic Digital 1" is a much more technically advanced tool but retails for only $140. This CHI flat iron features Nano Silver Technology that kills 99% of bacteria so leaving hair cleaner and shinier. It also lets you set the temperature to precisely what you want.

If you really have this money to spend buy the CHI instead.

The Corioliss Tourmaline Ceramic Wet to Dry flat iron is far better value. It retails for $160 so it isn't cheap but you do get tourmaline on 1.75", 100% ceramic plates and Nano Silver Technology. It can also be used on dry hair.

However, there is one serious problem with this straightener and that is there is no variable heat control; it heats up to 430F and that's it, you can't set it to a lower temperature. While 430F may be okay on damp hair, it's way too hot to be used on dry hair for most hair types.

Consider instead the T3 Tourmaline Wet to Dry flat iron; a better tool by far, in my opinion.

Finally, we have the latest offering; the Linea-Pro Corioliss C2 flat iron. It uses Nano Silver Technology. It's also made out of titanium which makes it light and strong. But apart from using ground-breaking Nano Silver 'bug killing' Technology, these irons come in very attractive colors. They include gold, silver, black, Zebra and Red Leopard (my favorite). There's also a limited edition C2 'Black Skull'. And, there's a funky little remote control that can be clipped onto a belt. You set the temperature settings with it.

The C2 is definitely a show-stopper and will appeal to those who want the best of both technology and style. The only problem is you'll have to pay around $180 dollars for the privilege.

Whether or not a Corioliss flat iron is worth buying depends on the type of tool you want. For the Wet to Flat and Pro Silver, you would do better to look at a T3 or CHI flat iron, but the original ceramic model is still a really good buy and if you want the next 'must have' tool, the C2 won't disappoint.

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