Jilbere de Paris Flat Irons - The Best Flat Iron in its Price Category

Published: 30th November 2008
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If you are looking to buy a flat iron that's inexpensive but won't ruin your hair then you should seriously consider a Jilbere de Paris hair straightener. They're half the price of brands such as CHI and T3 and are quite simply the best flat iron in its price category.

You'll pay as little as $40 for a Jilbere flat iron - compared to over $100 for a CHI - but you'll still get many features you'd expect of more expensive models. For one thing, the temperature control of its straighteners is second-to-none. Each model comes with a maximum temperature of around 440F and with an astonishing 25 heat settings - compare this to CHI, GHD and most other brands where you only get around 3 or 5 heat settings.

All models also come with "diamond hard" ceramic plates that not only allow your hair to gently pass through snag free but will give your hair plenty of negative ions that help to re-hydrate hair and lock in moisture.

Another real plus point is that you have various types to choose from. For most hair types the Jilbere Ceramic Pro with 1" plates is ideal. For longer or coarser hair you can opt for the 1 1/2". If you're someone who likes wet-to-dry models then the Jilbere wet-to-dry is definitely worth taking a look at. It has a vented channel system to allow excess water to evaporate and it's a very light hair tool - lighter than the Maxiglide. In my opinion the T3 wet-to-dry is superior but it costs an awful lot more.

But, the jewel in the crown, in my opinion, has to be the Jilbere Nano Tech Digital 1" flat iron. It's a very stylish looking appliance and it lives up to its promise of delivering salon-perfect results each time you use it. The LED heat controls are easy to use and allow you to fine tune the temperature to your hair's needs.

Of course there are things that you're not going to get in this price range. Tourmaline is one such. This crystal is now coated onto the ceramic plates of more expensive brands. Tourmaline increases the amount of negative ions produced - up to 5 times more than ceramic - and the more negative ions your hair receives the better the results.

But tourmaline aside, you'd find it difficult to find a better flat iron than a Jilbere for the same price. It may not be the very best flat iron you can buy but it certain is at its price.

In its price category a Jilbere de Paris flat iron is the best flat iron you can buy. You can compare it to more expensive make like T3, CHI and GHD flat irons and decide for yourself if it's right for you.

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