Sanitaire Vacuums Cleaners - The Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner You Can Buy

Published: 04th November 2008
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Some upright vacuums cleaners have great features, others have great suction and some are built to last. Sanitaire vacuum cleaners have all three of these; qualities few other brands can match. Why they are so highly regarded probably owes something to their origins as appliances made for commercial applications.

Sanitaire heavy duty vacuum cleaners were first made in the 1950s. They were made, not for the domestic market, but for commercial businesses. Machines used by professional cleaning services work hard for a living, usually 8-9 hours a day, seven days a week. The machines also need to be durable and when they do need repair they must be easily serviced on site, so that down-time is minimized so the company doesn't lose money.

Sanitaire appreciates the requirements of its commercial customers and, as a result, designs and makes some of the best upright vacuum cleaners money can buy. Few other manufacturers make comparable machines - Simplicity, Hoover and Riccar vacuum cleaners are some that can and do rival Sanitaire machines.

So, what makes Sanitaire uprights so good? Firstly, they're made from materials that will stand the test of time. If you ever get a chance to see a Sanitaire DuraLux upright you'll notice that the hose is not made from plastic but from reinforced stretch, the cleaning head is made from metal and plastic composite that will take most knocks, the filter is extremely easy to swap in and out when it needs to be cleaned - and yes, it's a washable HEPA filter. Even, the power cord can easily be changed without the need to send it to a repair shop.

The DuraLux also comes with some great features. There's a disposable 4 quart dust bag, a disposable HEPA filter that lasts about 1 year and is easily replaceable, a head lamp, and a 13" cleaning path. The upright can also collapse to 6" so you can reach under beds and other furniture items without any difficulty.

But it's the performance that most folks are looking for when they want to purchase the best upright vacuum cleaner. Well, the Sanitaire DuraLux won't disappoint thanks to the powerful, though quiet, 11.5amp motor. Only some premium manufacturers like Hoover and Riccar offer such powerful dual motor versions of upright vacuum cleaners. To complete the package, the DuraLux comes with 4 manual height settings that will cope with all surface types.

Sanitaire uprights are among the best however, there are some omissions from the specification list that would make them almost perfect. Perhaps the main concern is that they are heavy, weighing 20lbs upwards. This is further compounded because they aren't self propelled; other brands such as the Hoover WindTunnel are.

Apart from the fact that they aren't self-propelled it's very hard to find fault with Sanitaire uprights. If you're looking to find the best upright vacuum cleaner then you should seriously consider what Sanitaire has to offer.

Follow the links for Sanitaire vacuum cleaners. They are among the best upright vacuum cleaner you can buy. Only a few brands like Hoover, Dyson and Riccar upright vacuums cleaners can match them on durability and performance.

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