Weslo Exercise Bike Reviews What You Get And Don't Get

Published: 09th July 2008
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If you already own an exercise bike and are looking to upgrade, or if you are already in shape and are looking for a machine that will take you to the next level, the Weslo isn't for you. But, for someone who's looking for an entry-level, cheap exercise bike, Weslo might be worth looking at. Here are some reviews to help you decide if its machines are right for you.

Weslo bikes range from around $130 to $300, so you'll not be paying much for one of its machines. There are many who'd argue that buying a machine for under $300 is a complete waste of money. The argument goes that when you make something too cheaply you end up with something that simply does not provide any kind of a workout. To some extent they have a point, but many can't afford anything more expensive or can't justify paying more than a few hundred dollars on a piece of exercise equipment. And, Weslo exercise bikes aren't that bad - well, at least some of them aren't that bad.

The cheapest upright is the Weslo Pursuit 2.0 DS bike - model WLEX0901 - that retails for less than a hundred dollars. It comes with cross-training arms to help work the upper body during a workout; this is somewhat like the Schwinn AirDyne bike except that it's one-tenth the price. So, what does 80 bucks get you? Well, you get a very, very small console that tracks your speed, time, distance, calories burned and tests your eyesight. The resistance can be manually changed and the arms can be used in and out of conjunction with the pedals.

The seat is a little on the small side and can be become uncomfortable after a little while. The pedals too are little plasticky pedals. In truth, the Pursuit 2.0 DS is just too cheaply built to of any real use in getting you seriously fit; if you're even a little bit serious about doing exercise you should spend a little bit more and look at something else.

The Pursuit 4.0 (WLEX1776) costs twice that of the WLEX0901 and is a conventional upright - there aren't any cross-training arms, thankfully. What can I say that's positive about it? Well, the fly-wheel comes in a casing that's painted a nice shade of green. I'm being a little harsh; you actually do get some decent features with this bike. It comes with a largish console that is easy to read. There's an Easy Pulse heart rate monitor incorporated into the handle bars, a target pacer and you get 4 preset programs. The seat and pedals are also a lot better than the Pursuit 2.0. I would only recommend this machine if you'd never used one before and wanted to buy a bike for occasional use and were planning on only doing very gentle workouts.

The top-of-the-line model is the Pursuit E 40 (WLEX1994). If you do buy a Weslo upright exercise bike this should be the model you choose. It certainly has the best build quality, the best console and the best features of the lot. There are 8 preset programs, EKG grip pulse sensor and even a water bottle holder. This machine would be fine for someone who's never cycled before and wanted a cheap machine as their first time purchase, and wanted to start working out.

You can also buy a Weslo recumbent exercise bike. The cheapest model is the Pursuit E21 recumbent (WLEX1402) retailing at around $130. I'm not even going to waste either my time or yours in telling you why should not buy this machine.

The Pursuit 6.0 DX (WLEX1304) is also a complete waste of time; I can't make up my mind which is the worst of the two, the Pursuit E21 or 6.0 DX - a tough call.

If you must by a recumbent model then buy either the Weslo Pursuit E 45 or the Pursuit 4.5 R bike. Both cost around $180. The 6.0 DX comes with decent sized LCD display, EKG grip heart rate monitor and 4 pacer programs. The 4.5 R comes with 6 personal trainer workout programs and an Easy Pulse heart rate monitor. Of the two machines I prefer the 4.5 R, it looks better and I prefer the overall styling as well as the 6 personal trainer programs.

A Weslo exercise bike is a cheap bike; there's no denying, and I feel that these bikes would only be of any use to entry-level, infrequent users; and even then, only some of the bikes would fit for purpose.

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